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Here is an example menu to give you an idea of the many excellent beers we supply:


Bernard Light Lager 3.8% £3.50/pint
Timmermans Peach 4% £3.00/half
Thornbridge Versa Weisse 5% £3.90/pint
Nøgne Ø Saison 6.5% £4.20/half
Orchard pig cider 4.2% £3.60/pint
Magic Rock High Wire 5.2% £3.60/pint
Bernard Unfiltered Lager 5% £3.70/pint
Rogue Dead Guy Ale 6.6% £3.60/half
Calvors dark lager 4.5% £3.70/pint
Opat Apricot Lager 5% £3.50/pint
Odell IPA 7% £3.50/half
BrewDog Punk IPA 6% £4.00/pint
Lovibonds 69 6.9% £2.70/half
Odell 5 Barrel 5.2% £3.00/half
Nøgne ØPale Ale 6% £3.40/half
MagicRock Cannonball IPA £3.50/half
Schlenkerla Urbock 6.5% £3/half

Magic Rock Curious NZ 3.9% £3.10/pint
Liverpool Organic Imperial Russian stout 7.9% £5.00/pint
Arbor 500 Minute 10.7% £6.00/pint
Ilkley York Tap 4.2% £3.20/pint
Thornbridge Dry-hopped Jaipur 5.9% £3.60/pint
Hewitts Urbane Gorilla 4.3% £3.20/pint
Thornbridge Pivni 3.2% £3.00/pint
Kent Porter 5.5% £3.50/pint

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The Cider Tap

London's only dedicated cider bar.

8 keg cider on draught, 5 still ciders and perry including Pickled Pig served straight from the oak. Bottled cider from farms all over the UKand France. And yes, a lager and a wheat beer on draft. It's amazing what you can pack into a Victorian gatehouse!


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