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The Euston Tap has 27 lines of draught beer to give you the best possible selection of beer available from all over the world.

19 of these lines are kegged beers with an ever changing array of the finest ales, lagers, wheat beers and as yet unamed styles.

In addition to this we have 8 lines pouring perfectly brewed and kept cask ales.

The Cider Tap has a further 16 lines pouring all things appely and good with 10 lines of sparkling cider and 6 hand pull lines of delicious still cider. Whether you want it sweet, dry, still, with some pears in, with only pears in etc etc etc the Cider Tap (as Londons only dedicated cider bar) is the best place to get your apple fix.

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The Cider Tap

Londons only dedicated cider bar.

We have a brilliant and rotating list of 9 sparkling and 6 hand pull ciders from the UK.

We also have bottles of lovely cider from France (as well as the UK)

The Cider Tap is open:

Monday- Friday 3pm until 11pm

Saturday 12noon until 11pm


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